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Upgrading or replacing your car lights? Browse our selection of car lighting including HID headlights, conversion kits and replacement bulbs.

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Whether you want to show off your sports car, go off-road with your Hummer, or simply replace the factory bulbs with xenon hid replacement bulbs, this company offers whatever it is that you're looking for. You can find hid headlights at discount prices if you order online.vvme company has been

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Top Line Group Automotive Universal HID Installation ★Do not touch the bulbs after they have been turned on, Troubleshooting for dual beam “Swing” Bi-Xenon bulbs with relay harness and electro-magnetic

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XENON WHITES BULBS PERFORMANCELIGHTING XC-194A Indicator lamp 12V 5W; Sold as pair XC-1156A Turn, cornering, backup,high mount stop 12V 27W; Sold indivdually • Easy to install w/ 3M automotive tape

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Automotive Bulbs Introduction 212-214 Quick Reference Upgrade Bulb Guide 215 Halogen Bulbs H1, H2 216 Halogen Bulbs H3, H4 217 Xenon bulbs use an electric current arc passed through Xenon gas, rather than a filament, to produce light.

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Wide range of Automotive Xenon Bulbs manufacturers from Global Sources ★ High quality Automotive Xenon Bulbs supplied by Automotive Xenon Bulbs suppliers

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Addition, Xenon lamps are widely used in automotive applications. Compared with conventional halogen lamps, Xenon lamps have features of high luminous efficacy, low power consumption, good color rendering and long lamp life. Xenon lamp automotive headlamp systems

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T13074 Xenon Strobe Tube (formerly 2009 & S82738). . . . . . . . . $39.42 T03429 Plug-In "U" Strobe Tube for 2002 Series Replacement Bulbs Please see the Replacement Parts List to see all of the parts available for order. T01543 T01540 T13074 T07210 T07008 T01538 T01672 T05606

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HIR Headlight Bulbs Want to get great illumination without extra heat, wiring upgrades, relays, transformers, and blue tint? Want to SEE better at night instead of HEARING a bunch of dubious chatter about xenon-filled, over-wattage, blue-tinted

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Automotive and Motorcycle Bulb List PART NUMBER H1KBLB 12.00 55W H1 P14.5s Xenon Premium Blue Headlight – Korea H3KBLB 12.00 55W H3 PK22s Xenon Premium Blue Accessory – Korea Use 4530BLB Most American bulbs (SAE or ANSI)