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And repair. Service Station Attendant A job as a service station attendant requires little times, rear axle assemblies. Because transmissions are so assign technicians to perform each auto repair. The dis-

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Looking for a accurate source of auto repair labor hours "according to the book". (Preferably ONLINE) I belong to and when I show my mechanic their estimate of hours a job should take ( I realize that labor RATES vary by location ), he says he uses a different book and it is usuall Jobs: Auto Technology, Collision repair
Special to the Times-Union. and successful students have a job awaiting them. In January the college begins offering the Ford MLR (Maintenance and Light Collision repair and refinishing is another aspect of auto repair that can be very lucrative for skilled technicians who know how

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On a daily or job by job basis. Do not use your bare hands. 5. Obey all traffic patterns and signs at all times. 6. AUTO REPAIR TECHNICIANS Automotive Lifts 15. When raising a vehicle, use the following procedure:

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Number of times for vehicle repairs: aware when a repair shop is not performing a satisfactory job or worse, is attempting to rip off consumers Before becoming a customer of Mike Palmer, I dealt with several auto repair shops in the valley. A few

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Employers/Supervisors: Hiring the right people can help you prevent workplace accidents in your auto repair workshop. Automobile repair shops with low

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How do you bargain with auto mechanics? A little background, first. The labor charge is the garage's hourly rate times the hours required for your job. So far so good; for almost any auto repair down to the nearest tenth of an hour,

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An auto body repair person, as well as an insurance adjuster, will view the vehicle damage and write an estimate. Job opportunities are excellent for auto body workers with formal training, according to the 2010-11 Occupational Outlook Handbook.

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You can do your own auto repairs by following out easy step-by-step do-it-yourself tutorials which show you how to diagnose, troubleshoot, repair, fix, modify and maintain your car or truck. We cover troubleshooting, regular maintenance, tune ups, brakes, transmission problems, electrical, OBD

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Genuine online savings on mechanics flag sheets, time sheets and daily time & job tickets used by repair shops and auto body and repair shops.

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How often do you hear at least one of these statements? Once a month? Twice? Ten times? And every time you hear it, the message is clear: You are not going to get the job.

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Adopting P2 in auto repair and maintenance shops can reduce raw material purchases, waste-related costs, be kept closed at all times and kept covered with sec- always use the least toxic material that will do the job, such as naphtha, mineral spirits, or stoddard solvent.