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Auto Mechanic. Perform basic care maintenance for automobiles, such as oil changes and tire rotations, diagnose more complex problems, and plan and execute vehicle repairs. Job Prospects: Good . Is this career the right one for you?

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4 The job prospects dial looks at opportunities for a young person entering the occupation in approximately five years’ time (e.g. after their study is complete).

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Auto Mechanic Job Prospects – Everything you need to know about Auto Mechanic Training, Automotive Technician Programs and Automotive Mechanic Schools

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Common Job Titles Automobile Mechanic Automotive Service Technician Automotive Service Technician Apprentice Car Mechanic Motor Repairer, courses will have the best job prospects. This occupation is impacted during an economic downturn as

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An auto mechanic performs an oil change on a vehicle. Automotive service technicians and mechanics, Job Prospects. With some employers reporting difficulty finding workers with the right skills and education, job opportunities for qualified applicants should be very good.

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Information on automotive service technicians and mechanics job outlook, including education and career training qualifications, duties, conditions, and salary expectations.

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From auto mechanic to HVAC technicians, many occupations require repair skills. For jobseekers with the right skills, there What affects job prospects for those interested in repair careers? As with all occupations, many factors—such as shifting

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job prospects both within Australia and abroad. With some further training students may follow other career paths within the industry including auto electrician, panel beater or vehicle painter. Light Vehicle Mechanic W. mechanic to make an informed analysis of the problem

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Job prospects ‐ Above average › Auto Skills Australia Ltd ‐ Automotive Mechanic The job of the Automotive Mechanic has certainly changed in the last decade with the introduction of