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The Average Flat Rate Pay for an Auto Mechanic. Auto mechanics and technicians are often paid on an incentive basis to compensate them at a higher rate for increasing their productivity while keeping the quality of the work at an acceptable level. Such compensation plans pay for the expertise of

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Flat rate pay is when someone is paid per job instead of a salary or per hour. This flat-rate system motivates workers to finish as many jobs as possible, but can lead to sloppy work if the workers sacrifice quality for quantity.

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Rate if pay expected? Have you worked for this company before? Dates: From To (Vans, Tank, Flat, etc.) From To Total Miles Straight Truck Tractor & Semi-Trailer Twin Trailers Other Mechanic Application for Employment.xls

Heating and Air Cond, Mechanic, Plumber (HVAC) Flat Rate $ 85,598 $ 85,598 Help Desk Operator 95 $ 49,360 $ 60,236 Help Desk Operator, Senior 105 $ 54,542 $ 66,490 Hourly Personnel Services Specialist 95 $ 49,360

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Auto shop billing practices explained. Mechanic exposes a major problem with the calculation of auto repair bills and how to control costs.

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As a small business mechanic, you can set your hourly wage as you see fit. This is your flat-rate fee for service for each hour of work you perform for a customer.

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flat rate for labor on auto repairs, while others charged on the basis of the actual time the mechanic worked on the repair. If the latter was the case, what was the rate per hour? John asked about diagnostic charges. Did

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Matter, an auto mechanic for an engine rebuild? Keep in mind that I have only one thing to sell: my time. my office will be credited towards further services if those services are charged at a flat rate and if an engagement letter is signed within 15 days after our initial meeting.

Employment opportunity would be as an auto mechanic earning at best $15.00 a package of $4.35 an hour. Other than that, his capacity was in the $8.25-$9.00 an hour range. The $15.00 an hour rate flat rate, based on work available and the amount of time allocated by the employer to

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As an auto tech, how can you make the most money? Here's how hourly, flat-rate and incentive pay systems add up.