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Professional mechanic As A career, Good Idea Or bad Idea …
Professional mechanic as a career, good idea or bad idea? General Discussion and Debate

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Auto Mechanic Salary
Curent Auto Mechanic Salary and Career Information Since Nicolas-Joseph Cugnot designed and manufactured the first self propelled mechanical automobile in 1769 the industry has grown to such an extent that it is now impossible to imagine a world without cars and trucks.

Bad Things About Being An auto mechanic –
Bad things about being an auto mechanic? In: Cars & Vehicles, Auto Parts and Repairs, Job Training and Career Qualifications [Edit categories] Answer: u stink of grease, and your What You Need to Ask a Mechanic; Where Can a Mechanic Career Take You; Relevant answers:

Such as a bad drive-train connection that has shorted out the air conditioner. As part of their investigation, Research shows that career success requires the same level of college-prep courses as Auto_Mechanics_Introduction.doc

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Why Auto Mechanics Leave the Field. If you decide on a career as an auto mechanic it can be rewarding as well as challenging. When there are an excessive number of challenges, some auto mechanics will quit and move on to other careers. Auto mechanics are responsible for servicing, fixing and

Making The Choices That Are Right For You
Choosing a Career Making the choices that are right for you It’s helpful to ask questions such as, “What’s good and bad about this job?” auto service technician or mechanic, cosmetologist, police officer,

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Not bad, he thinks, I still want better furniture, and a really hot stereo system, but at least it's all mine, and no little sister to hassle me. requirements so John could learn the skills he needed for his auto mechanic career. It was a lot of work learning about adult agencies,

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I see myself as having a successful career and life, He was the “bad cop”, the enforcer in the house and seeing him smile was exceptionally rare. At the time, he was a hardworking, Closeted Auto Mechanic Author: Howard Last modified by: ehoward